To Mule or Not To Mule



Hey Everyone,

An opportunity recently came up for me to become a carriage driver at Royal Carriages, here in New Orleans.

In the French Quarter, opinions are more prevalent than mosquitos and sometimes just as annoying.  Everybody has a stance on the mule carriages, from the mules are treated wonderfully to anyone willing to drive a carriage is an anti-animal psychopath bent on mule misery.

First, I’ve been a walking tour guide for seven years and I always see at least one carriage when I’m escorting my Haunted groups.  Never have I seen a mule that looked ill or unhappy.  What always tickles me is their jaunty gaits.  Now I have seen mules startle, particularly around barking dogs.  I know mules have been in accidents with cars but almost every day some idiot pulls in front of my car, nearly causing an accident (cabs driving at suicidal speeds, car and pedestrian alike that think Stop signs are quaint pieces of art and not something one’s actually expected to obey, bikers with no illumination at night, etc.) so I’m prepared to give mules and their drivers the benefit of the doubt on that one.  I’m also certain events like that are covered during training.

So I figure, why not take this opportunity to train?  Why not see for myself what the stables I like, how the mules are cared for?  What the tour itself consists of? At the very least, I know I’m going to have the opportunity to give a mule a bubble bath.

More tomorrow when I head for the stables!  If my muscles aren’t too sore to type, another blog will follow.

Crimson Kisses As Always,

Trisha Baker

Welcome To My Parlor

Hello Crimson Fans!

I’ve decided to start blogging–perhaps make a million dollars and work from home.  Well, we can all dream, right?

Crimson Trish will certainly have tidbits from the (ever so slowly) developing Crimson Resurrection, but there’s going to be plenty of other ranting going on.  I’m going to write reviews on favorite movies, TV and books.  More importantly, I’ll blog about despised media.  I plan to offer my take on American Horror Story Cult–that topic alone will keep me blogging till the New Year.

I’ll also chat about my work as a tour guide in New Orleans French Quarter– most writers that don’t want to live on Ramen Noodles and water need another source of income.  I plan to log about my great tours, my awful tours and my I Can’t Believe You Said That! Tours.  This didn’t happen to me but I kid you not, a customer earnestly asked one of our guides, “Was Louisiana included in the Louisiana Purchase?”

I know a lot of you hope to be published one day and I’m happy to write blogs to help streamline that process.  Sorry but since we live in a litigious world, I can’t critique anyone’s work for fear in my next novel someone will cry, “She totally stole that from me!” Anyone that wants to try that keep in my mind I think a rack makes a lovely addition to any home.

That’s all for now but I do plan a little Samhain short story where Meghann and Simon rile up a ghost at Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, one of the most haunted bars in New Orleans.

Crimson Kisses,

Trisha Baker